Mikol is a new audio mastering service based in the UK. Our aim is to provide cost effective, quality mastering services for the new and upcoming artist who's budget may well be tighter than industry sponsored artists. We can add depth, space, detail and presence to your tracks as well as ensuring the music reproduces well on all systems. Your music tracks will sound as good as possible.

Mikol A New Online Audio Mastering Service

April 11th, 2013 + 8:04 AM  ·  mikol1803

Hi All,

May I start by saying great site!

We are a couple of independent musicians who have worked in music recording and performing for about 15 years and we wanted to give something back. Still wanting to keep in the music industry but not able to travel like we used to we decided to start up an online music mastering service and initially aim it towards people who need help as we needed help when we were starting out.

We would really love to get this little idea off the ground and would like to help people along the way. And before this message is removed for advertising can I say we want no money to change hands at this stage.

Our idea requires us to get experience and a portfolio to help build a business, and we know from expreience that there are some fantastic musicians out there who could benefit from this kind of service but can't shell out hundreds of pounds for the priviledge. We propose mastering peoples tracks for FREE! Yup FREE! No come back, catch or hidden cost, you send us your tracks, we master them and send them back all via the interent (so no cost there) all for FREE. The only thing we ask is .... if you like what we've done give us some feedback to use on our website and we will happily link our site to yours helping promote your music further.

This will be done on a first come first served basis (should we have lots of responses!) and this offer will be withdrawn soon.

If you are a new under funded musician who thinks they could benefit from this please get hold of us by email and we will happily chat about your requirements and whether we can match them, and hopefully exceed them.

Please note we ONLY provide mastering at this stage and not mixing services. Should you decide to try us we would require tracks already mixed and not clipping.

Hope to hear from you soon

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